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Yr.7 @ Melbourne Writers Festival

Mia Rosie CopyMelbourne Writers’ Festival- review
On Tuesday the 29th of August, a bus full of students left for Melbourne. There were six different sessions, but we could only pick three. There was a reviewing workshop or slam poetry, fan fiction or video game writing, and lastly but certainly not least short story or Stella Schools-take three girls.
We chose:
• Reviewing workshop
• Fan fiction
• And Stella Schools-Take three girls.

First, we did the reviewing workshop with a professional reviewer, Sonia Nair. She taught us how to review a book properly, she also referred us to many different websites and companies where we can in the future get a job reviewing books. She gave us handouts with many different tips and tricks on reviewing. After she told us how to review she got us to review a book or movie we had recently read or watched and people volunteered to read theirs out. Emré and Ebony read out their reviews about the hobbit and everything everything.
After that we had recess and left for the fanfiction talk. It felt like it was a proper talk show with the atmosphere and decorations they had around them. It was by far the best session we saw all day. They were funny and talked openly about shipping Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. The ladies hosting it were extremely funny and told us about their experiences with writing fanfiction and shipping.
Lastly we had another recess and then we went to the Stella Schools- Take Three Girls. They were very feminist and only had one side. There were three ladies and they were all friends and they wrote a book together about friendship and high school. They were teaching not to be judgemental about people’s differences and acknowledge their similarities. They read out the blurb and different sections of the three characters they each wrote and we think it would could go on good reads. We were lucky enough to receive a signed copy of ‘Take Three Girls’.
After all the sessions, we had an hour to chill and eat. Once we were done eating we all piled into the bus and left for home.

By Caitlyn Gill and Holly Dubois.

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