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Physics Fascination!

Matthew ConnorLast week the year 11 Physics Students journeyed down to Waratah Beach Camp for the inaugural Year 11 Physics Camp.
What is a physics camp, what do you do on Physics Camp I hear you say?
We used the excellent adventure facilities at camp, which included the Giant swing and trampoline, and used the data logging equipment to take readings of the velocity and acceleration of the students in motion. We were also able to calculate the length of the swing based on the period of oscillation.
Students took the time to become familiar with use of the data logging equipment and undertook a conservation of energy experiment on an inclined plane. They we tackled a team building exercise swinging across the river.
For dinner students cooked on Trangia’s and then then made “smores” over the open fire, gaining some first-hand experience with thermodynamics.
Then after dinner, they designed and built parachutes to be launched from the drone, then we watched a movie filled with Physics content.
Next morning after a bacon and egg breakfast we enjoyed the sunny morning and undertook experiments with the drone on the beach, analysing the velocities it could travel and the energy required to rise up to certain heights.
Finally we travelled home with our heads filled with new knowledge, and great memories.



Flying high   It flies
 Soaring with Gulls  Cooking dinner

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