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Rebecca talks about 'Ice'

Rebecca Slavin talk 1On Tuesday 27th June, the year 10 and 11 students listened to a young woman, Rebecca Slavin, talk about her addiction to ice and how it had impacted on her life, as well as everyone around her.
Rebecca moved to Inverloch when she was five, then soon after, lost her best friend and wanted to go to heaven with him. She was one of the popular girls, but moved from group to group and didn’t really have any good friends. At the age of 17, Rebecca was introduced to the drug ice at a deb after party. Once she had the drug, she became obsessive with it. She moved out of home with her boyfriend and then missed important life events, like her nieces and nephews births and her grandfather’s funeral.
Rebecca was going down a bad path, but kept continuing with ice. She lost a lot of weight – to the point that she fitted into children’s clothes. She ended up homeless, and had to resort to sleeping on strangers’ couches. At this point, Rebecca was not able to go home because of the drugs and was not able to see her siblings or her nieces and nephews.
Rebecca was sexually, mentally and physically abused during her time on ice. She once woke up in hospital with bruises all over her chest, which had been caused when she was given CPR as her heart had stopped from the drugs. She was in a car accident, where she suffered significant injuries, yet she still went back to ice.
At a point during her addiction, Rebecca finally clicked and decided to run away from her boyfriend and go home. She asked her parents for help and they talked about rehabilitation. The only one she could get into was in Western Australia, so she went there to get help
Her dad would fly over to see her every six weeks and she would send letters to her family and talk to them on the phone. Once she had recovered, she returned to Victoria with her family. She made many changes to her life and cut all ties from her old life. She leant to do things normally again and re-learnt how to live life the way you should.
Rebecca’s story told us what these types of drugs can do to you and it was great to hear a firsthand story from someone who has lived and experienced it. We learnt that we must not let peer pressure get to us and that having friends and family that support your decisions is very important. We also learnt that being able to see the positives within negatives is important and that staying positive can get you through a tough time.
Thank you to the Southern Business Women’s Network, who organised and sponsored the presentation from Rebecca.

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